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Webstats is a free website counter and web analytics tool which enables you to track the traffic on your website and understand the behaviour of your users. Find out how your users get to your site and see all your traffic statistics such as page views, unique visitors, referrals and much more. The free webstats counter will help you to constantly improve and optimize your website in order to match your users needs.

  • Traffic graphs: Hour of day
  • Traffic graphs: Per day
  • Traffic graphs: per day (new style)
  • Geolocation: Zoomable visitor map
  • Browser versions
  • Geolocation: Live heatmap

Webstats at a glance

  • Webstats gives you real time and detailed website statistics
  • Webstats is really easy to implement and use
  • Webstats is a free counter for your website
  • Webstats has a highly responsive customer support team


Live Heat Map — New feature!

Live update!

With the Heat Map you get a global view of your users locations updated live. It can tell you where in the world your website is popular right now. This demo is showing live traffic from motigo.com..


Visits and page loads
Analyze your stats per time period
View your stats by hour, day, week, month or year
Breakdown your stats
By area, search engine and keywords, referrals, browsers and operating systems
Easy installation
Just generate the counter code and paste it onto your website
Compare counters
Compare the traffic statistics of multiple websites
Geographical analytics
See your users geographical location plotted on Google Maps and Heat Map
Customizable Dashboard
Choose the components displayed on your statistic page
Unlimited history
Follow the traffic of your website from the beginning to the present moment
Site ranking
Get your site ranked in the top list catalogues
Private stats
Have the option to protect your traffic statistics for only you to see
Excellent customer support
Contact our online support whenever you need help

Your own free website statistics are only a few clicks away

User testimonial

Your site is great! I love it. -May


  • Sign up
  • Generate the counter code
  • Insert the code on your website
  • Start analyzing your website traffic statistics

Webstats is extremely user friendly and really easy to add to your website.All you have to do is sign up here and follow the four simple steps. After this you will have free access to a multitude of interesting and useful statistics about the traffic of your website.

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